Monday, May 9, 2011

ScreenPlay Discussion & XtraNormal Movie

For my screenplay, I wrote an epilogue for Little Brother. My story is about Marcus gaining control of the government after the events of Little Brother and becoming a corrupt leader. My main characters are Jolu and Van, who are trying to stop Marcus. I wanted my story to have some type of interesting twist. Thus, I began the story with Van being captured and Jolu thinking it was Marcus's doing. However, Jolu later finds out that Van faked the abduction and has formed a rebel group to fight against Marcus. I thought that my storyline was fairly interesting and would suck the audience in. However, some problems was that I couldn't really get great character development. Also, my ending doesn't really END the story. It's more of an ending that implies what will happen, but doesn't show it. I made it this way because there wasn't enough time to fit a whole lot into a 5 minute film. Even with these shortcomings, I feel like my screenplay was very well done. I just need to shorten the dialogue if anything.

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